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Connect Across Time with Sylvia Plath in the Phone-based Immersive:

We Should Meet in Air


April 7-9, 14-16, 21-23, 28-30 2022

Showtimes for all evenings: 6-10 pm PST

Showtimes for Thursdays: 12-1pm PST

Price: $30/person, each show 

1 audience member only

OVER THE PHONE (international callers over Discord—see ticketing page for more info)


We Should Meet in Air is the 10th live production from They Played Productions, launched in 2017 by entertainment veterans Erik Blair and Thea Rivera. Blair has directed and performed in over 110 live theatrical productions nationwide as well as writing and directing projects with Sony, Disney and Warner Brothers. Rivera has worked for nearly 25 years in theatre, including directing and producing multiple projects. The two formed They Played Productions to create content in all forms of visual entertainment, from tradition theatre to immersive to film/video projects.

In 2022, They Played Productions has begun working with other creators to bring new immersive works to audiences as producers and collaborators. We Should Meet in Air is the first of these new projects (which we call “Inventions.”) It is a collaboration between They Played Productions and Nothing in the Dark Productions, Kamei’s production company. They Played Productions is proud to be helping produce Kamei’s work and is thrilled to have something this exceptional as its first Invention. More projects are planned, including with Nothing in the Dark as well as other Los Angeles-based creators.

We Should Meet in Air

A Nothing in the Dark Invention

Developed by Stepy Kamei

Written by Stepy Kamei and Erik Blair

Directed by Stepy Kamei and Erik Blair

Starring: Stepy Kamei

Produced by Thea Rivera and They Played Productions



Launched by entertainment veterans Erik Blair and Thea Rivera in 2017, They Played Productions combines immersive, theatrical and LARP experience into a forge for the creation of live narrative entertainment that transforms the audience from passive spectator to active participant.

We believe that every audience member has the ability to play with us in the worlds we create and the stories we tell. Each of our productions works to re-examine narrative ideas and tropes in modern, unique and compelling directions. Through them all, we make the audience the focal point of the tale.

Come play with us in our next production.


Immersive entertainment draws audiences into worlds like no other form. Moments become real. Performances are unique. We understand how to create worlds where audiences can breathe.

Stories that make you think. Stories that make you feel. Stories where you can alter the very outcome of what happens. We know how to open the door so you can join our world and play to your hearts’ content.


With nearly 50 years of experience between the company founders, we know every aspect of theatrical production. We have access to the talent and crew necessary to develop new productions and mount existing plays in new, more immersive fashion.

We can envelop audiences in any level of immersion you wish, from subtle additions in traditional shows to productions whose fourth wall is blown away.

Collaboration and Consultation

If you need help with adding immersive/interactive elements to an existing project, we have the skills to add any element you need. From developing scenarios to writing to audience testing, we love helping companies create dynamic and enthralling entertainment.

If you want someone to design an experience for you from the start, we can work with you from original concept to final production. We can create the depth, engagement and audience-centric solutions that will turn your project into something that will be remembered forever.

Prior Productions from They Played

Standalone Fringe shows. Multi-Part Immersive Experiences. Online Interactive

about US

The Creators

Erik Blair has directed and performed in over 100 theatrical and immersive productions all over the country. He has also worked on the film/tv/videos game side of the industry with Sony, Disney and Warner Brothers on various projects.

Thea Rivera has focused on a career in technology and program management but has worked 20 plus years in theatre, in all capacities from creative and performance to producing and directing.


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