God: The Apologies Tour

Premiered: Hollywood Fringe 2017

We are The Creator. We made the heavens and the earth. We gave you free will. That was clearly a mistake. We have returned to apologize, but not as you expect.

In the past, only the lucky few have spoken to Us directly. Prophets. Chosen ones. The occasional virgin. Now it’s your turn.

You will #EncounterTheDivine as you interact directly with The Creator and Its Reflections throughout the theater in this Divine Immersive Encounter.

God: The Apologies Tour at Hollywood Fringe 2018

Press Release:

God: The Apologies Tour premieres at Fringe!
They Played Productions debuts its second live project, promising a uniquely immersive , live and interactive experience where the audience may interact with and even ask questions of the Creator of the Universe—right here in Hollywood.
LOS ANGELES – Erik Blair has been dreaming about doing a show like this for over 10 years.

“Over a decade ago, I looked around at the world and wondered to myself: What have we done with all of this? It was a very big question. What have we, all of humanity, done with “all” of this, all of the world around us? The answers were easy at first. We’ve screwed it up, right? That’s the answer that we’re supposed to have, to give, to make. But was it actually that simple? Every single choice we’ve made is exactly that–a choice. We didn’t have to be here…but here we are.”
God: The Apologies Tour tells the story of how a Creator might contemplate all of what we have done. If he or she or It came back now, would it throw up its hands at us–or would it decide we simply weren’t up to the task?

God: The Apologies Tour is an interactive, immersive experience where audience members will be able to converse with The Creator directly. They will be able to ask whatever question is on their mind and The Creator will be able to respond and ask questions in return. The Creator may even apologize for the concept of Free Will–not because it was a bad idea but because we simply aren’t able to handle such a powerful gift. 

God The Apologies Tour marks the second live project for They Played Productions, which was launched by entertainment veterans Blair and Thea Rivera. Blair has directed and performed in over 100 productions all over the country and has worked on the other side of the industry with Sony, Disney and Warner Brothers on various projects. Rivera has focused on a career in technology but has worked 20 plus years in theatre, in all capacities. The two formed They Played Productions in 2017 to create content for all forms of visual entertainment. They were behind last year’s Nothing Bad: A Werewolf Rock Musical and have additional immersive projects in store for 2018 and beyond.
God The Apologies Tour
Written and directed by Erik Blair
Starring Erik Blair as The Creator
Produced by Thea Rivera with They Played Productions
God gave us all Free Will. Oops. Look how we’ve used it. Now the Creator returns for a 6-night tour to apologize and to answer your questions live. They Played Productions is bringing their newest creation–an interactive experience with the Creator Itself–to this year’s Hollywood Fringe. This three-entities-in-one-man show is WAY more than a one man show. With the definite improvised possibility of going completely off the rails depending on what YOU ask GOD, and as has been established from this production team, a twist of sorts may also be expected.

Part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival
Coming in June for 6 nights only—because on the 7th day, He Rests!