Nothing Bad: A Werewolf Rock Musical

Debut: Hollywood Fringe 2017
Deep inside each human a Beast waits to be born—in claws, teeth and violence. Society represses it, terrified of any who succumb. Rebels embrace the edge of it, calling forth its power while avoiding its burn.
In an instant of survival, one woman will be transformed by it, split into two pieces—and the battle for control of her body, mind and soul will begin. Vengeance, violence and victimization will all become fuel for a battle of epic proportions. No one is safe from the slaughter to come.

Nothing Bad: A Werewolf Rock Musical at Hollywood Fringe 2017

Press Release:

Nothing Bad: A Werewolf Rock Musical premieres at Fringe!

They Played Productions debuts its first live project; a serious adult musical about werewolves that explores obsession, our need for choices…and the rage within.

LOS ANGELES – Erik Blair wants to be clear on one thing concerning the rock musical about werewolves that he and his company They Played Productions are bringing to Studio/Stage in June as part of Hollywood Fringe.

“This is going to be very different; this is an adult rock musical,” he said. “No parody or anything corny. We’re creating a real tale of rage and the choices people make with power…and we think audiences are going to be blown away.”

Nothing Bad: A Werewolf Rock Musical tells the story of Perfection, California, where everything is exactly that—perfect. But when good girl Lilly White realizes she wants something more than everything, the rebel motorcycle gang looks like a great solution. There’s only one problem: they’re werewolves. And once she’s bitten, she will learn about Perfection’s dark underbelly as she transforms into The Beast.
“The inspiration for this show comes from my love of classic Universal-style monster movies combined with an understanding that werewolf mythology has always been at its heart a warning about someone with uncontrolled rage issues,” Blair said. “That someone is classically defined as a wolfman. What happens when you bring the classic sort of monster movie to the modern century and make the victim a woman? How does it alter the tale?”

Nothing Bad uses its music to truly set the tone for the story and for the transformation from human to monster. What happens in the “safe” town of Perfection is set to 1950s influenced music, while the beasts make their presence felt with more pounding 80s style rock.

Nothing Bad marks the first live project for the newly formed They Played Productions, which was launched by entertainment veterans Blair and Thea Rivera. Blair has directed and performed in over 100 productions all over the country and has worked on the other side of the industry with Sony, Disney and Warner Brothers on various projects. Rivera has focused on a career in technology but has worked 20 plus years in theatre, in all capacities. The two formed They Played Productions to create content for all forms of visual entertainment. They are behind the YouTube Channel HePlayedShePlayed and have several other online projects on the horizon.

They’re both excited about Nothing Bad’s premiere and are looking for more live shows in the future as well.