A fully immersive horror tale based on the classic novel Frankenstein!

There is something dangerous at the edge of Silverlake.

A dozen women have gone missing.

A reporter hot on the trail has been kidnapped.

A hacker has finally found some breadcrumbs to follow.

You join the hacker to uncover the secrets hidden deep inside a warehouse

How this story ends is entirely up to:


Captivated: You is the terrifying conclusion to the immersive trilogy created in 2018 by They Played Productions.

In Act 1 (Captivated: Justine), audiences were introduced to a story of a couple whose relationship seemed created–in more ways that one.

Act 2 (Captivated: Victoria) told the story of the people surrounding a wake and the monstrous secrets each of them held.

Now in the final tale, the journey becomes personal. For those who have traveled the entire Captivated journey, you will finally learn the secrets you’ve been seeking. For those who are new to our experience, you will step into the tale with all the information you need.

And this time, you become the central part of the story.

Each choice you make will have consequences.

Each decision will lead to one of 30 different possible endings.

Who will you save?

Who will you damn?

YOU will decide.